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2014 Assessment of spatial variations of Nitrogen Dioxide, Black Carbon and Particle number, prior to traffic interventions in Glasgow Abstract   PDF
Stephanie Burns
2014 ‘If you see me cooking you’ll see clearly I am not from here’: food and migration in the context of transnationalism Abstract   PDF
Barbora Adlerova
2014 Editorial Abstract   PDF
Stuart Hampton-Reeves
2014 Human Identification through Gait Recognition Abstract   PDF
Aliya Amirzhanova
2014 In vivo protein isoform turnover analysis using 15N metabolically-labeled mouse tissue Abstract   PDF
Sharon Liu, Christiane Rewerts, Giuseppina Maccarrone, Christoph Turck
2014 Innocent or Criminal? A Sociological study of child soldiers in the Indian context Abstract   PDF
Utsa Mukherjee
2014 Intestinal Organoids – a Powerful Model to Study Interactions of the Epithelial Barrier with its Environment Abstract   PDF
Ulrika C. Frising, Jörg Stange,, Marc Veldhoen
2014 Motor Imagery based Brain Computer Interface (BCI) using Artificial Neural Network Classifiers Abstract   PDF
Maitreyee Wairagkar
2014 Should Abortion be available on demand? A general analysis on the right to abortion under the current English law Abstract   PDF
Rachel Yumi Choi, Ho
2014 Student Research Teams (SeRTs): inspiring and enabling student-led extra-curricular and co-curricular research partnerships with academics and professional practitioners Abstract   PDF
Anita Diaz, Lucy Allen, Hannah Morris
2014 The Medicinal and Pharmacological Screening of Wheatgrass Juice (Triticum aestivum L.); an Investigation into Chlorophyll Content and Antimicrobial Activity. Abstract   PDF
Patrick Wakeham
2014 Use of the CASCADE agent-based model to examine the UK energy system with climate reanalysis data Abstract   PDF
Jake Gristey
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