Youth sailing participation and market segment profiles for Plymouth (UK)

Philip Timings


The study aimed to identify and quantify different sailing participation styles for Plymouth youths and to investigate if determinants of wider sports participation can be used to segment the market based on product usage. This was investigated through the use of questionnaires, interviews and secondary data. Four different sailing participation styles for Plymouth youths were quantified; those that have tried sailing, those that have continued to sail, those that have become members of sailing clubs and those that have not tried sailing but would like to. Secondary data and retrospective interviews were then used to compare and explain results. In addition to this, potential determinants of participation were successfully used as bases for market segmentation for two participation styles; those that have tried sailing and those that would like to try sailing. Finally, results from the interviews conducted with professionals from local organisations (specialising in youth sailing) were used to support a differentiated target marketing strategy to increase youth sailing participation in Plymouth.

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