Investigating the concept of a novel flexible fabric wave energy device

Jamie Cook


This literature review comprises one part of a project report which presented the findings of an initial investigation into the concept and performance of a 1:50 scale model novel flexible fabric wave energy device subjected to static tank tests and assessing the model characteristics under load. The topic of wave energy extraction was critically reviewed in terms of the ocean resource and available wave power before wave energy converters were discussed with respect to developmental stages, performance assessment and methods of comparison. The terminology surrounding device capture width was examined and the inconsistent usage of the terms capture width and capture length highlighted with a clear distinction between the two terms proposed. The environmental conditions and capabilities of the Wave Hub site were identified before the topic of flexible fabric structures was introduced. The project report concluded with the origins of the conical clam flexible fabric wave energy device and presented an overview of the 1:50 scale model manufactured to validate the concept. Construction methods were documented along with static tank test results which demonstrated how the model device performed under varied load.

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