An audio analysis framework for XNA developers

Stephen Hoult


To those that are not specialists in the area, audio analysis can seem a daunting subject. This is particularly the case when creating software which draws upon the subject. There are many frameworks available which aid in the development of audio-driven software, yet few that cater to those with a limited knowledge of audio analysis. The aim of this project was to develop an audio analysis framework, specifically for implementation into C# XNA projects, which will enable developers with little to no understanding of audio analysis to develop audio-driven games. The result of this project has seen the completion of a simple, yet fully functional and well documented audio analysis framework; one that that does not require an extensive prior knowledge to use, and that’s easily implementable into any XNA project. The implications of this solution lead towards further development, generalisation, and refinement of the final framework; so that XNA developers of the future are provided with a simple alternative to the complex and unforgiving existing audio analysis frameworks.   

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