Fugro Seacore; airlift pump modelling proposal

Matthew Hobson


This Project reviews options available to Fugro Seacore (fugro), an over water drilling contractor, for predicting the operability of Airlift pumps. This is particular a problem during projects conducted from Jack-Up Barges in areas with large tidal ranges. By reviewing literature and attempting to construct both mathematical and CFD models it is concluded that CFD is too complex for the speed of calculation Fugro require when tendering for projects. In literature a mathematical model is found however further work will be needed to ensure this can be applied to Fugro’s large scale pumps. This is because while Fugro operate in water considered shallow in the offshore industry, the depth of the pump means that the pressure range over its height is far greater than which can be replicated in a laboratory where experimental data for the model has been generated.

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